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How do I swing it like Ella? 

Or sing it like Sarah Vaughan?

Wanna give you Fever like Peggy

And turn you on…


Gonna steal that melody 

From the horns like the Queen of Jazz

And make you feel the rhythm

Gonna shake you with pizzazz


Lady Ella, while I’m counting sheep

Sing it to me, Mama,

Teach me as I sleep

The love song of their dreams

So I can share what the music means

Gotta phrase it just right

So we can swing it all night


Be bop shooya dooya doobop bebop bam

Gotta tap my feet, wanna sing with the band

Shooya dooya do blowin’ the old gut strings

Gotta play the right notes for a First Lady swing


How do I style like Anita?

With hip attitude on black and white keys

With rhythm, dynamics and interesting chromatics

Feel jazz with a Jezebel tease…


How do I improvise like Billie?

While showin’ vulnerability

And, with a touch of the blues, Loverman,

You’ll feel your own mortality


I wanna tell you I love you

In a voice that echoes the stars

With their spirit and inspiration

I’m gonna steal your heart


Shooya dooya doobop bebop bam

Jazz cats, it’s time to jam

Shooya dooya do getting’ down on that thang

Wanna give you love with Swing

Ella song v3-01.jpeg

A retro-swing tribute to the great women of jazz.

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