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Great Aunt Ruth & the Saucy Cats -- a virtual band from the USA


Kathryn Joy, the spirit behind Great Aunt Ruth & the Saucy Cats, conveys her big ideas in small bites and leaves her listeners wanting more...


She is an intriguing songwriter who mixes her mischievous thought process with disarming candor.  Original and iconoclastic, she shares honest and playful feelings from her own life experience, and she does so with rare sweetness.  Listeners looking for love, wonder, adventure, and nostalgia will enjoy her lyrics for their beauty, good humor, and subtlety of expression.  


The band's music, which frequently crosses genres, can be described as poly-ethnic, inventive, and harmonious--savory folk or minimalist jazz, with strong influences from her classical upbringing; her Cuban husband; the jazz and big band music they enjoy together; the rock-and-roll hangover of her childhood; and her world travels.  She divides her time between Miami Beach and Paris.


Kathryn Joy


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