Great Aunt Ruth & the Saucy Cats began as a virtual band and a musical collaboration between two people who met in a jazz bar on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic.


One had great musical ideas; the other was a great musician.

The one who was dreaming music shared her first musical sketches with the other, who was living music. He became her friend and teacher.


Great Aunt Ruth & the Saucy Cats was born out of dreams and friendship.

Shortly after a recording session in 2015, Great Aunt Ruth & the Saucy Cats experienced a great loss, the untimely death of one its founding member.  He had given the dreamer her start and left her in the hands of a cadre of good friends – all stellar, experienced musicians and mentors.  One of these men--Rahn Coleman--became her new producer. In their care, she is now developing as a solo artist.


We hope you enjoy the music and Great Aunt Ruth's adventure as it unfolds.