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Uncle Perucho made his way

From Jovellanos to Camagüey

After a humble start

With fire in the belly and an oxen cart

He became a big, big man

In sugar, cattle and land


Uncle Perucho was a legend

He was fair and loved by all his men

They worked together in the hot sun

Ruled by friendship and his long-barreled gun

He rode a big, white horse

And made good use of every resource


Uncle Perucho, at the top of his game,

Ordered a harvester for sugar cane

When his herd needed renewal

He decided to import a prize stud bull

As he awaited their arrival

The revolution began to spiral



Along came the hour

When the Communists seized power

They took old Perucho's land

And did many other things hard to understand

His pricey machine was left to rust in its crate

And the prize bull met a miserable fate


They took that bull so worthy 

And they turned him into beef jerky...

Uncle Perucho made his way

From Jovellanos to Camagüey

He started with an oxen cart

Then bought a bull that broke his heart

Castro propaganda 'bout the revolution's glory

Is all a big bull story


Perucho knew the bull

Perucho knew the bull

Poor bull...

A Bull Story (A True Story) is indeed a true story and, at the same time, an allegory about Cuba.  It will appeal to listeners who enjoy the music of the Buena Vista Social Club but played with a touch of jazz.  

A Bull Story (A True Story)


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