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Sweeter With Time

Remember when we slept

Tangled and bare

When our hearts were--free

And you knew I cared

My soul is reaching for you now

Through the forest of time

Hoping the root of your love

Lives entwined with mine


We lay naked together

Never ashamed

But as the cares of the world grew

We got lost in the game

Tenderness suffered

Our differences screamed

Loneliness demanded

That Love intervene


My desire’s you

So I answered Love’s call

I must water hope’s seed

I give you my all

Let’s recall the best of our story

Let’s recapture the flame

That touched the core of our beings

Love sparkled and reigned



A choice

That two people make

A gift from above

When both partake

I reach for you now

Hoping that we realize

The fruit of our love

Grows sweeter with time

Coming soon...

Remember and reach again for the sweetness of first love...

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